SUS-CHECM Chronicles (May, 2017)
After the success at the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam and at the Denim Premiere Vision in Paris, geopower nps continues its tour!

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (April, 2017)
geopower nps™, SUS-CHECM ’s compound that helps eliminating pumice stones from denim washing, was launched at Kingpins Amsterdam and is still promoted this week at Denim by PV. SUS-CHECM has also chosen Kingpins Amsterdam also to launch GreenScreen Certified™.

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (March, 2017)

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (November, 2016)

SUS-CHECM Chemicals continue making a big splash in the market with their nimbus and nimbus-z innovations.

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (September, 2016)

SUS-CHECM Chemicals will be one of the speakers at the Transformers conference that will take place in Amsterdam on Oct 24th 2016.

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (August, 2016)
In collaboration with respected industry players, SUS-CHECM has been developing a whole new range of responsible chemical solutions conceived specifically to work with cutting-edge equipment and carbon footprint.

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (July, 2016)
Being committed to positive change,
SUS-CHECM proudly announces the commercial release of two new compounds that effectively enrich the range cleared through GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals.

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (June, 2016)

SUS-CHECM Chemicals innovates rather than repair. avol oxy white is the true alternative to potassium permanganate in denim, a forward looking-innovation and not just problem solving.

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (May, 2016)

SUS-CHECM Chemical’s new products and The Italian Job’s new collection will be at the Vietnam on June 16-17, 2016.

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (April, 2016)

SUS-CHECM & The Italian Job @ Kingpins Amsterdam 2016 and the collaboration with Invista, Archroma, Lenzing and Royo.

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (November, 2015)

SUS-CHECM & The Italian Job @ SS ’17 Kingpins Amsterdam and the presentation of optima.

SUS-CHECM Chronicles (August, 2015) Changing course. Welcome to the first issue of the SUS-CHECM Chronicles newsletter.